Legal Services

PRLA now offers free legal services to members through the legal team of Shumaker Williams PC. Law-related difficulties are all too common for business owners. Restaurants and hotels are subject to a wide swath of regulations at the local, state and federal levels.Take advantage of PRLA’s newest member benefit—legal services—to help guide you through this tricky regulatory arena.

About PRLA'S Legal Services

  • PRLA members receive one free hour of legal consultative services per issue.
  • There are no up-front fees or additional costs to participate. You just need to be a member in good standing.

To request legal help, contact the PRLA office by calling (800) 345-5353 or emailing PRLA staff must complete the proper documentation before legal services can be requested. Once Shumaker Williams is notified of the legal issue by PRLA staff, the member requesting the service will be contacted by Shumaker Williams within a few business days.

About Shumaker Williams PC

Shumaker Williams PC is a premier business-focused law firm offering a wide range of legal services to restaurants, hotels, banks, mortgage companies, non-profit organizations and individuals. 

"As a member of the PRLA I knew we had legal counsel who did work for our association. But, what I did not know is the PRLA now has a benefit program where a member can have a free hour of consultation with a knowledgeable attorney who is proficient to the area of concern.

This legal counsel member benefit provided by the PRLA is a giant step toward maintaining satisfied customers. Happy Members!"

S. Regnal Leibensperger
1996 PRLA Chairman