Educational Products

PRLA is your source for ServSafe Food Safety training materials and products—products designed to help you succeed in the hospitality industry. The ServSafe Food Safety® and ServSafe Alcohol® programs deliver more than training. They combine critical information, exclusive tools and real world resources to transform knowledge into action.

PRLA has partnered with the National Restaurant Association Solutions (NRAS) to handle all orders for ServSafe® Food Safety and ServSafe® Alcohol materials. The list of products, including product codes and member pricing, is available below. Please refer to this information when ordering materials through NRAS.

PRLA members receive a 20 percent discount off retail prices when they order their ServSafe materials through the NRAS. Just follow the order processing procedures to ensure your 20 percent discount is applied to your order.

The NRAS credit application, as well as the NRAS customer service policy, are available as PDFs below. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 345-5353.

ServSafe Products & Pricing
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NRAS Credit Application
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NRAS Customer Service Policy
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