Mandated paid sick leave—Philadelphia

Employers in Philadelphia needed to start allowing employees to use sick leave on August 11. Draft regulations are written and expected to be finalized in the next two months.  

Mandated paid sick leave—Pittsburgh

The judge presiding over the PRLA's lawsuit against Pittsburgh's paid leave mandate declared the legislation invalid and struck down the entire thing. Paid leave cannot go into effect. This is a victory for PRLA and our co-plaintiffs, who persevered despite being harassed by union advocacy groups throughout the process. While we expect the City and SEIU to appeal the decision, it does establish a great precedent for ensuring Home Rule Charter municipalities cannot pass these type of mandates.

Ban the box—Philadelphia 

Mayor Nutter has signed legislation that only lets employers perform a background check after they make a conditional offer of employment. In addition, employers can only look at the past 7 years of an applicant’s criminal history.

Wage theft coordinator—Philadelphia

Mayor Nutter has signed legislation that would create a wage theft coordinator in the City. This person would rule on wage theft complaints by employees. If a business is found guilty of wage theft or admits they made an honest mistake they must pay the back wages and appropriate penalties. In addition, the wage theft coordinator will have the ability to deny the renewal of the business license for even first time offenders and applicants will not be able to reapply for a year.  The legislation will take effect July 1, 2016.