City moving forward with appeal

The City of Pittsburgh is moving forward with its appeal of the ruling that struck down the paid leave mandate. The City’s brief was due to the Commonwealth Court by April 11 and our response was due 30 days after that. During this process, the previous ruling stands—the Pittsburgh paid leave mandate is illegal and unenforceable unless a higher court decides otherwise.

Sugary drink tax alternative introduced in Philadelphia 

Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds-Brown has introduced legislation in Philadelphia that would assess a 15-cent fee on containers in the City. This is being pitched as an alternative to Mayor Kenney's 3-cent-per-ounce sugary drink tax per ounce. The mayor expects the tax to bring in $400 million and it will fund universal pre-K, city parks improvements and pay down pension debt. PRLA is opposed to the tax.

Nuisance establishments in Philadelphia 

Councilwoman Bass has introduced legislation that would allow the City to go after nuisance establishments. Establishments that do not make changes to what is considered nuisance behavior could be subject to having their commercial business license revoked. PRLA is working with Councilwoman Bass on the bill to make sure it truly targets problem establishments and does not catch good operators in its crosshairs.