December 2016 Local (1/12/2017) 

Philadelphia beverage tax begins

On January 1, the 1.5 cents/ounce non-alcoholic beverage tax took effect in Philadelphia. If you sell any of these beverages, please make sure that your distributor is assessing the tax, otherwise, you will need to remit it. If you decide to pass along the tax as an additional tax line on your receipts, make sure that you are assessing sales tax on the total amount—cost of the product plus the beverage tax. 

Commonwealth Court hears oral arguments on Pittsburgh's paid leave mandate

Oral arguments on the lawsuit filed against the City of Pittsburgh's paid leave mandate were held before the Commonwealth Court. PRLA continues to maintain that the paid leave mandate violates the city's Home Rule Charter and therefore cannot take effect. We expect the Court's ruling in January or February 2017.

Allegheny County—vaping ban

Legislation was introduced last week in Allegheny Council that would expand the County’s Clean Indoor Air Ordinance to include a ban on vaping. PRLA has voiced concern that the City would be in violation of state law by expanding their local ordinance. 

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