June 2017 Federal Priorities (7/5/2017) 

Brand USA

Part of President Trump’s budget proposal is to eliminate Brand USA. Brand USA was established in 2010, with bi-partisan support, as a public-private partnership and has resulted in almost $30 billion dollars in economic impact since it was established. 

H-2B visa cap adjusted

Because the Congress-mandated caps for H-2B visas for the first half of the year were reached well ahead of schedule, language has been included in the FY17 appropriations bill that would allow the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of Labor to increase the cap if there is an economic need. Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly has announced that the guest visa program will be available to businesses that would be “severely harmed” without it. The exact number of new visas remains to be determined.  

Huge win on Durbin Amendment

Speaking of grassroots advocacy success, thank you to all our members who contacted their Congressman in Pennsylvania regarding how a repeal of the Durbin Amendment would impact the hospitality industry. The House Financial Services Committee has passed a revised version legislation addressing financial reform and it DOES NOT include repeal of debit swipe-fee protections. 

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