Federal Priorities April 2017 (5/17/2017) 

Menu labeling delayed, again

It was announced that the menu labeling law, which was slated to take effect May 5, 2017, has been delayed until May 7, 2018.

House passes healthcare

The U.S. House voted 217-213, with 18 Republicans joining the Democrats in opposition, to pass the American Healthcare Act. This legislation deals with individual insurance coverage and does not address the concerns the industry has with the employer mandate under the Affordable Care Act—though it does eliminate the penalties for not complying with the mandate. In addition, the legislation has an uphill, if not impossible, chance in the Senate—which has a much smalerl Republican majority.   

Debit card reform at risk of being repealed

The Financial Choice Act was voted out of committee and contains a provision that would repeal the cap on debit card swipe fees. Congress is expected to vote on this repeal the week of May 22. PRLA is not opposed to making changes to Dodd Frank, but is opposed to repealing the Durbin amendment. If the Durbin amendment is repealed, businesses will see a massive increase in debit card fees. 

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