Supporting the PRLA PAC now will save you money in the long run

The success of PRLA’s legislative agenda is based on ensuring the legislators who support our industry have the support of the industry.  Anti-business groups are spending tens of thousands of dollars each quarter to forward their own anti-business agenda, and the PRLA Political Action Committee (PAC) needs the support of all members to ensure the truth about our industry is being heard.

Every dollar given to the PRLA PAC goes directly towards the campaigns of elected officials who support the hospitality industry. The threat of a minimum wage increase, elimination of the tip credit, misuse of hotel tax dollars, increased taxes and many more anti-business initiatives continue to be advocated by our opponents and the PRLA PAC is the avenue to ensure our voice is being heard.
Please make your investment in the PAC today, so the PRLA can continue to be the loudest voice in the hospitality industry.  

Thank you in advance for your generous donation to the PRLA PAC fund!

** PA law does not allow corporate contributions to the PRLA PAC.  Please make your personal contribution by clicking below** 

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