PRLA Political Action Committee

What is PAC?

PRLA political action committee (PAC) fund raises money through personal contributions from restaurant owners, managers and employees to support political candidates who appreciate the importance of the restaurant industry, understand its legislative priorities and are sensitive to the challenges facing the industry. The PAC fund, in conjunction with the Advocacy Fund, help PRLA advance our legislative priorities, like tourism funding, preemption of employer mandates, alcohol reform, minimum wage and across-the-bar taxes. 

Where does my PAC donation go?

The majority of your donations to the PRLA PAC go towards the election campaigns of elected officials, primarily at the state level. We collaborate with the AH&LA and NRA and their PACs to support elected officials at the federal level. The association will work with the local chapters to potentially support local officials, especially in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, in the future. 

PRLA PAC donations generally go towards the general funds of campaigns for both parties of the Pennsylvania House and Senate, as well as House and Senate leadership and the committee chairs of the committees key to PRLA.

Cost of events

A well-funded PAC is critically important when you consider the average House member's fundraiser starts $250 and the Senate member's fundraiser start at $500.

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