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Certification Details

RAMP certification was created in 2001 as a voluntary program that provides incentives for licensees who participate. Act 26 of 2006 mandates RAMP for any licensee found guilty of sales to minors or visibly intoxicated persons. RAMP is the umbrella term used to describe this collection of training and resources available to licensees and their employees.

Completion of the program provides certification for two years. In order to comply, you must complete all parts of the program, which include: Owner/Manager Training, Server/Seller Training, New Employee Orientation, Signage, and Affidavit Request.

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Owner/Manager Training

This component consists of training and focuses on those most responsible for determining daily operations and policies – the owner and manager. In order to comply with this component, an owner or the PLCB-approved manager must complete this training.

Act 113 of 2011 requires all managers approved by the PLCB to complete this training course within 180 days of approval, unless successfully completed within the previous two years.

Licensees may choose to complete this training online or attend classroom training. Classroom training is offered by the PLCB weekly throughout the Commonwealth.


Licensees shall be responsible for posting signs regarding responsible alcohol service. Appropriate signage is available from the PLCB; however, the licensee may use other signage provided that it is equivalent in size, number and content to the Board’s. Signage must be prominently displayed so that it can be easily observed by patrons. Licensees shall be responsible for posting and maintaining the signage at all times.

*Signage shall minimally include the following information: Acceptable forms of ID and refusal of alcohol service to minors and visibly intoxicated patrons.

Affidavit Request for RAMP Certification

After successful completion of the four above listed requirements necessary to receive official PLCB-RAMP Certification, you are required to submit an affidavit request for RAMP certification. You may choose to complete this request via the PLCB’s Online Affidavit System. If using this system, you will need your License number, LID number, names of all of your employees and their hire date and date in which they completed the new employee orientation.
Licensees may also choose to submit a paper Affidavit Request for RAMP Certification and RAMP Staff Roster to their regional RAMP office. Complete instructions are contained on both forms. Licensee will receive certification providing all requirements are met. For assistance, please contact your Regional RAMP office.

Server/Seller Training

This component consists of training for a licensee’s alcohol service staff (this includes anyone who serves alcoholic beverages or checks IDs). To comply, at least 50 percent of the licensee’s alcohol service staff must complete this training course and this percentage must be maintained at all times. After completing the course, employees are required to pass a course examination with a score of 80 percent or better.
Licensees’ may choose to have their servers participate in a classroom training conducted by an independent trainer who has been approved by the PLCB or participate in an online training offered by a PLCB-approved provider. A licensee may also choose to join already scheduled classroom training. PRLA recently announced that our members and their staff can complete RAMP training through eTIPS and receive a dual certification.

New Employee Orientation

​Orientation must be provided to each member of the licensee’s current alcohol service staff and to each new employee within 30 days of their hire. The PLCB will provide the orientation form and appropriate learning materials. It is the sole responsibility of the licensee to ensure that either the owner, manager, or a designated instructor conducts the orientation. Licensees shall maintain these records for all employees for the duration of their employment.

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