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RAMP Certification 

For many licensees, getting your operation RAMP certified is optional but offers several benefits to your business.

However, RAMP’s two core training programs — Owner/Manager and Server/Seller — are required under most circumstances.

Employees who are considered alcohol service personnel have 6 months from their hire date to get Server/Seller certified. Did you know that ServSafe Alcohol is approved for Server/Seller certification?

Read on or visit the RAMP website to learn more about the Owner/Manager training and requirements.

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For Licensees/Operators

For many licensees, getting your operation RAMP certified is optional. Doing so may reduce the likelihood of dram shop liability, make you eligible for liquor liability insurance discounts, or possibly reduce fines and penalties issued by an Administrative Law Judge.

However, RAMP certification of your operation becomes mandatory under the following circumstances:

  • Prior to obtaining a wine expanded permit
  • As part of a conditional licensing agreement
  • Licensees who have been found guilty by an Administrative Law Judge of sales to minors or visibly intoxicated person

Explore more about the RAMP certification at the PLCB website.

For your employees

Server/Seller training is mandatory for all alcohol service personnel, which includes anyone who serves or sells alcohol or checks IDs. Owners and managers who perform these duties also need Server/Seller training.

New hires have 6 months to complete Server/Seller training unless they have successfully completed the training prior to their hire (and their certification is current).

ServSafe Alcohol is online, fast, and an approved curriculum for the RAMP Server/Seller training. PRLA members receive a 20% discount on each registration fee. And, your employees earn a dual ServSafe Alcohol/RAMP Server/Seller Certificate.

ServSafe Alcohol is accepted as a responsible alcohol service curriculum around the country.

Order ServSafe Alcohol for your team today. 

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