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While you are working in your business, PRLA is working for you. PRLA tracks issues at the federal, state, and local levels that impact you, your business, your employees, and your bottom line. Hundreds of pieces of legislation are introduced each year. PRLA flags any issue that could even marginally affect the industry but we prioritize bills that impact hospitality, liquor reform, and travel and tourism. In addition to challenging legislation, PRLA also works to move forward with legislative items that can positively impact you and your business.

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The PRLA Policy Committee

The PRLA Policy Committee, which is made up of members from all sectors of the industry, annually meets to outline PRLA’s legislative priorities over the next three years.

Legislation Made Easy

Proposed legislation can often be tough to read and understand. It can easily reach 90 or more pages and be filled with jargon, definitions, and strikethrough text. PRLA’s government affairs team pares it down into everyday language for you to easily understand in our Issue Summaries.

Your Voice Matters

As the voice of Pennsylvania’s hospitality industry, PRLA and our members are called on to testify at legislative hearings on topics that impact your business and your industry.

Recent Testimony

Official Comments

Research Topics

PRLA occasionally commissions studies or research on topics that impact the industry.

Industry Data (contains NRA and AHLA state specific data)

Tourism Funding (contains the 2022 Competitive Analysis and the 2016 report)

Childcare Access Survey

Membership Has Benefits

Resources for Hospitality Businesses, Vendors, Sponsors, Students. Membership is for Everyone!